Top Black Friday deals for 2017

Black Friday is an informal name for the day after Thanksgiving in America and is supposed to usher in the festive season shopping. Shoppers have been known to stand in long-snakelike queues outside shops before they open and then stampede in to get the best deals. Injuries and fights have often made the headlines.

But you don’t have to be in a bricks and mortar store to land a bargain. In South Africa some are offering online bargains too. I’d recommend avoiding the crowds and shopping online. It’s less hassle and less pressure. Remember, most stores will have their deals feature till what people often refer to as CyberMonday. So if any sites crash, look again over the weekend and on the 27th. Here, Mombabbles, has rounded up a few deals for moms and families.

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Black Friday deals for Cape Town moms

Mombabbles thought it would be a good idea to do a roundup of the participating Black Friday stores that Cape Town moms may be interested in. Just beware that while some things may be on sale it may not be the best deal. So our advice is to only buy something if you think it’s a really good bargain. If you’ve kept tabs on what the product was selling at before and you see it at a really good discount, then by all means buy it. But if it’s only discounted by a small margin, think twice about how much you really need it.