Trump has a long way to go on childcare policies

The United States may have one of the biggest economies in the world but in one area it is certainly a loser: it is one of the few countries that does not guarantee paid leave for new mothers. This may change now that Trump is president. But with Trump’s views on women potentially transferring itself through to the workplace the paid maternity leave may not be such an advantage after all.

10 Things I’ve learned since becoming a parent

Wet wipes don’t just clean baby bottoms, Gina Ford is not for me, the Chinese potty train their kids before they’re 18 months old and not everyone is understanding when it comes to the problems you encounter as you learn to parent. But these are just some of the things I’ve learned along the way and they won’t be the last…

Fines are not the answer for child car seat offenders

Child car seats are a once off investment and if it helps to protect your child then that makes it a necessity. There really should be no excuse. While you think rules impinge on your freedoms, sometimes they are there so that you don’t hurt yourself, or others. But perhaps there’s a better way to get parents to buy a car seat than to simply dish out fines?