What fashion style will baby Sussex wear?

Since I’ve returned to England with my family from Cape Town, South Africa, there’s been much talk about Brexit and the upcoming birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As this is hardly a political blog I’d be much more inclined to talk about the new royal baby.

As ever there’s speculation about the baby’s sex, due date (rumoured to be end of April or early May because of an apparent slip by Meghan herself) and of course what he or she could be wearing.

Here to talk to us about royal baby fashion and trends is Erica Williams, Zulily senior buyer of infant apparel:

Erica Williams, Zulily

What have royal babies traditionally worn? Can you also tell us why some of these outfits have been the tradition? Is there a specific reason behind it? 

I have been an infant apparel buyer at Zulily for over six years, and trends have evolved for the modern baby. In that time, I have observed a resurgence of traditional styles, many worn by past royal babies, such as peter pan collars and lace details, but sometimes seen with a twist of modern fabrics.

In the past, royals have worn clothing that has been stiff and uncomfortable for children and didn’t allow for freedom of movement. Today though, you are seeing royal children wear clothing that is machine washable and breathable.

Fabrics that are comfortable and allow the children to play, while still having elements of traditional trends. At Zulily, we offer a wide selection of children’s clothingthat is machine washable and yet has the delicate trends you see the royal children often wearing.

Top with Peter Pan colour – from Zulily


What would you say is the style difference between Meghan and Kate and how will their style differ, do you think, when it comes to dressing their children’s clothes? 

Meghan and Kate’s style does differ, and I believe that’s where the true fascination and fun lie within following the trends of each royal mama, and their babies. Kate tends to be more traditional with her style while Meghan, as we know from controversial choices at her own royal wedding, can be a bit more laid back, California-chic.

This resurgence from the traditional royal style was also witnessed at Meghan’s recent baby shower in New York City, where she wore a casual ensemble of skinny jeans, a camel coat and leggings with sneakers.

Though, it’s difficult to completely predict how their approach will differ when it comes to dressing their kids, we can assume they will take a cue from their own styles, as many moms do, when determining the direction of their kiddos’ fashion.

Whether Meghan decides to style her baby in more traditional outfits, go for her generally modern laid-back approach, or dress them in the rumored gender-neutral style; we at e-tailer Zulily will watch from across the pond so we can continue offering value-driven items, for moms and dads that would like to emulate the newest royals’ looks.

Could baby Sussex be a boy or a girl?

Is it best to shop online when it comes to baby’s outfits? What are the pros and cons? 

When shopping for baby, online options can be incredibly convenient for parents, allowing them to fit this necessary task into their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Since day one, Zulily has aimed to offer an accessible and entertaining shopping experience to shoppers on the go, with a mobile-first mindset (73% of orders come from mobile devices): whether at home, work or even during their commute.

By shopping online, customers can browse thousands of products all in one place, and seek out the very best prices. Infant and children’s clothing is also much easier to buy in advance, since you can always buy bigger for your children to grow into, so customers can conveniently save time by shopping ahead and having products shipped to their front door.

While online shopping can be more convenient, most e-tailer’s still aren’t able to provide consumers with the tactile experience they have when shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar stores. To counter this, our Zulily team aims to provide compelling product descriptions, images, and well-known brands, so customers know what they can expect right from the get-go. Plus, this allows us to keep our prices low, which in my opinion is the best “pro” of all!

Wind and Thistle – Flutter Sleeve Romper

How can customers stay up to date with what’s on offer on your site?

To stay up-to-date on which brands/products Zulily launches daily, customers can download our app and browse for free, or sign-up to become a member at Zulily.com. Each day our members will receive a daily message through the channel they most desire, including email, push notifications, Facebook messenger and social media. Customers can choose to opt-in or out of any channel, at any given time – giving them to freedom to be informed and browse their desired brands and products daily.

Members can also “heart the brand” allowing for an even more tailored shopping experience.  Whether a customer is shopping for a new baby, a pet, herself or her home, she’s always able to easily find great products at amazing prices.

Baby Shower – Gift Set

Do you have any insight as to what parents, on average, spend on baby clothes to copy royal families?

Since we partner with thousands of vendors, from national brands such as Laura Ashley to smaller boutique brands like Tesa Babe, our goal is to offer something for everyone shopping baby and beyond, for all styles and all budgets.

Whether she wants to style her baby in a classic smocked floral print dress, similar to ones worn by Princess Charlotte, or take a more modern approach with graphic bodysuits and harem pants, we’ve got something for everyone.

Sweater and overalls – Zulily

What has been the most popular baby item or styles that parents have copied from the royal babies?  

More parents are turning towards delicate lace detailing, peter pan collars and personalized playsuits.

Zulily will continue to watch as their styles evolve to make sure we’re catering to the unique style of our millions of customers with the inspiration of popular mamas, like Meghan and Kate, helping drive some of our daily curation.

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