Should you rent toys rather than buy?

We tend to spoil our kids with toys from the shops because we think that’s the right thing to do. Inevitably, our children get bored of them and they sit in the toy box collecting dust. But what if you could change the practice of kids tossing toys to one side that they no longer like?

Mombabbles chats to Lyneve Pieterse, one of the founders of the Smart Toy Club, which allows parents to rent toys to find out more about this concept.
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They can hack toys and talk to your children

While the thought of scary toys whispering into your child’s ear while they’re asleep or even awake, sound like the work of horror novelist Stephen King or director James Wan (who is behind some of the Saw franchises and The Conjuring 2) they’re actually not that far fetched a concept because these days real life hackers can access your child’s toys and talk to them.