10 Tips for a better beach day with children in Cape Town

Going to the beach is not as simple as walking out the door if you have children. There are so many factors to take into account like avoiding the midday heat, the traffic, the tourists and the costs, to mention a few. Also, how can you ensure that you’ve got everything you need? Cause let’s face it, there’s always something essential that gets left behind! Here’s some tips that I’ve come up with to make your beach trip a pleasant experience. My family and I learned most of these lessons the hard way, so take heed so you enjoy your beach excursion rather than curse it.

Tumble Bear Make and Play looking for a buyer

A Southern Suburbs play area in Cape Town may shut its doors if a suitable buyer isn’t found soon. It’s a shame really, as my boys just loved playing there and the service is really good. What could be the reason behind the sale?

Are Cape Town’s playgrounds safe?

After a child gets her leg trapped under a roundabout in Keurboom Park a playground located in Claremont in Cape Town, Mombabbles asks whether enough has been done to prevent the same thing from happening again and if the mother was right to lodge a claim against the City.

New playground plans for Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia has taken down it’s children’s play area but has plans to resurrect a kid-friendly space. But just across the way, the historical wine farm has some staunch competition.

7 Child friendly garden nurseries in Cape Town

Gone are the days where you would have to rush the kids around the garden nursery hoping that they won’t rip out the ferns, steal fruit off the trees or mangle the geraniums as you try find the best plants for your garden. Mombabbles looks at some child friendly garden nurseries in Cape Town that will keep your kids entertained, while you pick out your favourite fern.