The ‘loss’ kids feel when you’re moving home and how to deal with it

They say moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. If you need to throw stuff out because you’re downsizing or moving country, it can be difficult to part with items. Often, when were going through our ‘junk’, such as that box of cables you keep convinced that you’re going to need it one day or those dresses that you think you’ll fit into one day, you find excuses not to throw them out.

So if it’s difficult for you, imagine how your kids may feel, especially if they are sensitive souls. Mom Bronwyn Mann Jacobs today penned some tips on Facebook group ‘South Africans Immigrating to the UK’ on how to deal with the stress and loss your child may be facing if you’re moving abroad and have to do away with some of their toys. Here’s what she said:

I thought I will take the time to give some tips of selling up and packing up your house especially those of you with small kids. I have a very sensitive three-year-old so I needed to do the ‘loss’ very carefully for her.

1) Clear the clutter so you can see what you working with. Stuff you don’t use, have outgrown or is too used to sell…Donate now!
2) Tell the kids they are moving and getting shiny new things so they need to get rid of some things. Prepare them for ‘loss’.
3) When they are at school or sleeping, remove toys from their room and place in closed boxes in the garage. If they ask for a toy, then you know it is important to them so remount and place it in one of your moving boxes. This way you take the toys they love not the ones you think they love.
4) Every time they feel sad about their toys/beds/things going, sit them down and do some online pretend shopping for toys and beds so they see wonderful things are available in the UK.
5) Try your best to remove the item for sale before collection so they don’t watch it leave the home.
6) Don’t presume they only care about you selling their toys. Anything in the house can feel special to them.

These may seem like silly little things to us but to sensitive young children this process is traumatic as it is, any little bit we can do to help them matters. It also helps us as parents to not have to deal with melt downs when we are already super stressed.

Hope this helps someone!

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