How to get creative with your kids in Cape Town

There’s nothing quite like a child’s imagination, and you can harness that creativity in so many ways. It’s all about coming up with new activities for them to try and giving them the opportunity to explore different things. The more you do with them the more they learn.

There are a lot of fun ways to get creative with your kids at home and out in Cape Town and the surrounds if you don’t want the mess at home! (Scroll down for a list of fun, creative workshops and classes that you and your children can attend together).

 Story time

This is a great one for kids of all ages and abilities. From toddlers who can’t write to older kids developing their prowess with the pen. All you need is a pad of paper, a pen and your child’s imagination. Let them run with their ideas and encourage them when things go a little wild. After all, kids’ books should have a touch of craziness!

Just because your child can’t write that doesn’t mean they can’t become a story maker. Let them dictate and you do the writing. When kids are writing or drawing there’s always the risk of ink spillages on their, or your, favourite top. If you’d like to know how to remove ink stains from clothes just in case, click here.

Paint more than a picture

Paint – don’t fear it, embrace it! Before we get on to the fun you can have it’s important to say that you need to make sure everything’s covered and that sleeves are rolled up first. All good? Great, let’s move on.

Painting is an amazing opportunity for kids to explore colour and shapes, so let their creativity run wild. Splashes, splodges, straight lines, potato prints, stencils, and finger painting … the list goes on. Just get the paint pots and brushes out, and let the fun begin.

Crafty times

It’s amazing what kids can do with some old card, a bit of glue, pens, scissors and tissue paper. Any combination of these craft supplies and others can lead to an endless world or creativity and fun. Best of all is that it’s so low cost. You can use photos for family collages, cereal packets for funky boxes and cardboard tubes for tunnels. Basically use whatever you’ve got lying around to create something new.

Want to take the crafting to a shimmering new level? A sprinkle of glitter here and there is the way to go! Just make sure you’re always supervising where scissors, glue and glitter are involved.

Getting outdoors

There’s a whole world outside the door and kids love exploring it. That makes your garden a prime place for some creative fun. Treasure hunts provide hours of fun, and gardening also teaches kids to love and respect nature.

Obstacle courses give your kids the chance to get physical and discover new ways to use their body. Over things, under things, round things and even through them; they won’t let a simple hurdle become an unsurpassable obstacle.

Arts and crafts workshops and lessons for children in Cape Town

If you want to do arts and crafts away from the home, there are several arty places in Cape Town where they let the children go wild and explore their inner Picasso. Here are a few arty places in Cape Town and the surrounds, where you can have fun with your kids while not caring about the mess you make:


If your kids love getting creative with a paintbrush Artjamming is the place to take them. From as little as R135 you can create your own piece of art with your child. There’s 45 colours to choose from, a variety of drawing materials, tools, brushes in all sizes and hairdryers to create special effects. There’s one at the V&A Waterfront above Toy Kingdom and another in Willowbridge Center in Durbanville.

Clay Café
This family run business based on the Main Road, Hout Bay, is a magical place where children can be creative with clay and paint and create their own masterpieces. There’s also a garden and playground if they’ve had enough with being artistic. You can make a booking online using their website. They also offer children’s parties (4 years and up).

Creative Arts Atelier
Based in Durbanville, they offer drawing and painting classes for every age. They also have a Children’s Holiday Club for 2018’s July school holidays. Their Winter Drawing School also welcomes all ages and is held annually during the July holidays.

The Children’s Art Centre

If you’re looking for a place to let your child’s creative juices flow, why not visit The Children’s Art Centre in Walmer Estate? They have a weekly morning programme on Saturdays for all learners with an interest in the visual arts. It accommodates juniors (age 5-8) and intermediates (aged 9-13) from 10am till 12pm. It’s R400 per term or R50 per day (price includes art materials).

The Play Lab
The Play Lab, founded by Lianne Godfrey, boasts a ‘sensory experience’ and offers art workshops in Camps Bay and the Wynberg/Kenilworth area for children aged 8months to under 5’s. All materials are non-toxic and safe for children.



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  1. Lovely post! I should definitely consider taking my almost 5year old Artjamming – would be interesting to see the end result. We’ve been to Clay Cafe before and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Will go again when sunnier days hit so that our baby daughter can enjoy it too! 🙂

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