Cab service for children launches in Cape Town

This month sees Cool (Kids) Cabs launch in Cape Town. This cab service for kids promises to be a safe form of transport, with drivers that ensure your child is strapped in safely. Its focus is solely for transporting children from school.

It was founded in 2009 by Tiffini Wissing Hein in Johannesburg, and since it’s initial launch has conducted over 8,000 pick ups per month and the company claims to have driven over 5 million kilometers – injury free.

“We strongly felt the need to turn the current model of scholar transport on its head! We wanted to break the negative, stereotypical perception and deliver a positive, workable solution. We started in 2009 with just one car and now have 36 cars on the roads in Johannesburg. Our focus has always been to provide the safest transport for children – they are your most precious cargo and entrusting them to someone else is not something you should take lightly,” says Hein.

“However, we know the adage of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ rings true as most of us simply cannot be in two places as once. This is where we come in. Our elite service offering ensures you can rest easy in the knowledge that your child is being safely and reliably transported to their home or extra mural activity and that they are happy and comfortable with their driver. We know this service will greatly assist many busy parents in Cape Town and we can’t wait to expand our offering here.”

Tracking the drivers and safety

There’s nothing worse than not knowing much about who’s transporting your child, whether they are qualified or where they are when they’re on route from schools. Cool (Kids) Cabs has a solution for this.

Profiles of the drivers are published up on the business’ website. It has a tracking system monitored 24/7 by a team of office-based supervisors who remain the parent’s point of contact at all times. All vehicles are regularly maintained and daily checks are conducted before leaving the office. As part of their commitment to safety, the company has a strict rule of no more than four children to a standard vehicle. In response to a demand for bigger groups, the company will also be launching a 7-seater car in 2018 in Johannesburg and Cape Town along certain routes.

“The quality of our drivers is non-negotiable and as such our hiring process is incredibly thorough. We only hire female drivers who go through an extremely intensive training programme and screening checks before they are allowed to work for us. They also need to have proper child care training and a minimum of 5 years driving experience. We also upskill every driver in first aid, advanced driver training and hijack prevention,” says Hein.

Cool (Kids’) Cabs says it ensures that all drivers are able to handle any situation that may occur in the car. If a child is screaming or has fallen ill, they are all able to relate to the child and know how to handle a difficult situation while still driving responsibly.

“What we are providing is peace of mind for parents and care-givers so that they can rest assured in the knowledge that their child is being transported safely by a reliable and professional driver. We are thrilled to be launching in Cape Town this month and I can’t wait for you to start seeing our cabs on the road,” concludes Hein.


Cool (Kids) Cabs has published fees (see below) for the Johannesburg North area and Mombabbles is in the process of finding out what fees would apply to Cape Town. For more about the fees and conditions, click here.

To find out more about Cool (Kids’) Cabs simply visit their website and sign up to make use of their service in Cape Town. You can view the full list of schools they service in Cape Town and Johannesburg here. You can also follow them on Facebook.




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