Kaspersky offers free advice on online safety for kids

In today’s connected and digital world, when it comes to keeping children safe online, this can be a very difficult task. As a result, parents often worry about how safe their kids are online. Many of us have questions about how we can go about protecting them.

If you have a number of brewing questions, the good news is that global cyber-security company, Kaspersky Lab, has embarked on a local campaign, offering the opportunity for any concerned parent/guardian, who has a question(s) related to kids’ safety online, from a technology perspective, to get access to the Kaspersky Lab experts – all of whom form part of the Kaspersky Lab Safe Kids’ team, for their feedback and advice*.

Here’s some issues or concerns you may want to focus on:

  1. How can I protect my child’s toys from being hacked? Mombabbles wrote about this very subject, but you may have some other burning questions about this danger.
  2. How can I monitor what my child does online and can I do this remotely?
  3. How can I detect if my child is being groomed by a criminal?
  4. Should I allow my child to use social media and, if so, at what age?
  5. How long should I allow my child to play online for?
  6. How do I prevent my child from downloading games and other software that you have to pay for?
  7. What does cyber security cost and how do I know which package to pick?

So, if you have a question you want some advice on, email it to safekids@kaspersky.com, and a dedicated Kaspersky Lab expert will provide as much support and advice as possible when it comes to your questions and concerns. This email address will be open until the 31st August 2017, and this is free of charge.

More tips about how to protect your children online can be found here.

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