New sleep gym classes for parents

David Lloyd Health clubs in the United Kingdom are offering ‘napercise classes’ or 40 winks classes aimed at exhausted parents. So instead of doing an aerobics workout, step or spin class you get into a comfortable bed and sleep for 45 minutes.

The gym hopes this will go some way to combatting the UK’s ‘tiredness epidemic’, where 86% of parents admit to suffering from fatigue, with 26% getting less than five hours sleep. The class will be trialed this weekend (29 and 30th April)

The scientifically designed napercise classes will be accompanied by soothing, atmospheric music to help you doze off faster. It’s supposed to reinvigorate your mind, improve your moods and even burn the odd calorie because the studio temperature will also be dropped to a level that promotes calorie burning during sleep.

But apparently not all people are impressed with this concept. @Ullcity Tweeted: “Instead of going out to do this. You can stay at home maybe?” But that’s not the point @Ullcity. With gyms offering crèche facilities, parents can put their kids in them and get some much needed, uninterrupted shut eye. Clearly this person doesn’t have children yet, or children that are very polite that let him or her sleep.

Ultimately, I think we need something like this back home. Now, how do I convince Virgin Active Clubs in South Africa to introduce this class? Any ideas?

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