End of the road for Babaderm in South Africa?

Yesterday (29 March, 2017) well-known baby products provider, Babaderm, issued a post on its Facebook page that it’s closing down its business. There was no mention of the closure on its Twitter feeds. The business, which was founded in August 2011, will have all its remaining stock sold on Takealot.com.

In the Facebook post, Babaderm included a link to a ditty that it created outlining the reasons for its closure. It read: “These 5 little bugs bid you adieu, but before they go they wish to say thank you! We’ve loved being part of your little one’s life but sadly we’ve hit some trouble and strife. Feeding from the elixir of a probiotic oil, it’s the magic ingredient to keeping skin from spoil. This elixir comes from a land far away, and now has become too pricey to pay. We’ve tried our best and we’re sorry to go, but there’s one last thing we want you to know. As a last forget-me-not, we’ve made ordering easy from Take-A-Lot. Visit them now for your favourite oils and cream, and hopefully one day, we’ll [be] back to continue our dream!”

A number of parents made comments under the post showing their surprise and consternation at the news. “We don’t have Babaderm at Richards Bay…I’m now using other products. I miss that softness of Babaderm,” lamented one mom. Babaderm responded by highlighting the availability of its products on Takealot, which will deliver them to homes.

Babaderm is a biologically sensitive probiotic based baby care range. There were a number of products for tots on offer, including, shampoo, conditioner, probio oil, body wash, nappy cream and body lotion. According to their Facebook page the products are Paraben-free, SLES free and developed by medical professionals at B-Well Medical. At the time of writing, Babaderm had 32,598 likes on its Facebook page.

It’s website is already no longer active. When Mombabbles clicked on the link through to Babaderm’s Facebook page it was met with the message: “Babaderm is undergoing some updates for 2016. Please check back soon!”

Prices on Takealot

At the time of writing Takealot has listed five Babaderm products on its site, which can be shipped to you in 3-5 working days. The 250ml shampoo and conditioner is selling for R84, the body wash has been discounted from R69 to R68, there’s 14% off from the 100ml nappy cream which is now R58, the 150ml body lotion is being sold at 11% discount for R61 on the site. Finally there is a small R4 discount off the 100ml probio oil, which retails for R45 on Takealot*.

Babaderm was also available at Babycity, Wellness Warehouse and various other websites.

What Mombabbles’ founder thinks

It’s a real shame that we’re seeing an end to this product in South Africa. If import costs contributed to the business’s demise as its Facebook post suggests it’s not surprising, considering the volatility of the rand. Even though the rand is performing strongly against other currencies at present there are other hoops that South African businesses and their owners have to jump through and there are lots of other rising costs that businesses have to consider and cope with. I hope this is not the end of the road entirely for this product and its South African distributors and that they come back eventually stronger than ever. Hearing of the closure of this business makes me more than ever want to support small businesses, particularly the ones local to us.

Mombabbles has made contact with Babaderm to find out more about the closure and will post more about it once it has received a response. *All prices correct as of 30 March, 2017.

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