End of the road for Babaderm in South Africa?

Yesterday (29 March, 2017) well-known baby products provider, Babaderm, issued a post on its Facebook page that it’s closing down its business. There was no mention of the closure on its Twitter feeds. The business, which was founded in August 2011, will have all its remaining stock sold on Takealot.com.

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They can hack toys and talk to your children

While the thought of scary toys whispering into your child’s ear while they’re asleep or even awake, sound like the work of horror novelist Stephen King or director James Wan (who is behind some of the Saw franchises and The Conjuring 2) they’re actually not that far fetched a concept because these days real life hackers can access your child’s toys and talk to them.

A family day out at Leopard’s Leap wine farm

I love Franschhoek and all it has to offer: wine farms, views, delicious cuisine and a place to relax with family and friends. So when we were invited to review Leopards Leap wine farm I took the opportunity to venture out with my family.
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