A chocolate that relieves period pains

Just when I was about to write off 2016 as the worst year since I can remember along came a smidgen of good news. Apparently, there’s some clever guy (yes guy) that’s developed a chocolate that he claims will relieve menstrual (period) pains. I don’t mean to trivialize all the bad things that have happened in 2016 but when you are surrounded by negativity I feel it helps to focus on the good (however small).

Back to the chocolate – it looks like chocolatier Marc Widmer went one step further to just throwing chocolate at women during ‘that time of the month’, walking away slowly and hoping for the best. No, this man is actually looking to help! The chocolate is called Frauenmond  (Women’s Moon) and inside this particular brand of melt in your mouth goodness he decided to add some special ingredients (17 Swiss mountain herbs) that should alleviate menstrual pains.

Widmer’s firm that has created this product is called ‘Chocolate with Love’ – feel free to peruse the website if your Swiss German is any good.

One concerning thing is the price because at 12.50 Swiss Francs per 100g South Africans would pay just over R179. Not good when you consider that the average 150g slab of Lindt chocolate sold at Woolworths will only set you back R55.95.

Luckily women tend to menstruate just once a month or this could be a very expensive exercise indeed. I can only hope that Frauenmond, if it really works, tastes as good as it sounds and gets distributed around the world pronto!

But wait, there’s more! Scientists claim to have found a way to give milk chocolate the same nutritional properties as dark chocolate. Researchers from North Carolina State University say that by adding phenolic compounds from peanut skins to milk chocolate gives milk chocolate the same antioxidant properties of dark chocolate. It’s good news for milk chocolate lovers and bad news for those with a nut allergy. Hopefully, they’ll find a solution to that too.

It seems adding peanut skins has not altered taste or perceptions. The Independent reported that 80 people were given samples of milk chocolate with the peanut skin extract and normal milk chocolate and results showed that they were liked equally.

It’s not clear when, how or if these products will reach South Africa, but I like the fact that people are thinking outside the box and developing chocolates with health and medicinal benefits. In the meantime, I believe it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the conventional kind of chocolate during ‘that time of the month’.  It certainly makes me feel better…

Note: The picture used is just a stock image, it’s not a representation of any of the chocolates that I mentioned in this post. 

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