How to pledge a Santa Shoebox

I’ve supported this very worthy cause for a number of years now and I encourage you to do the same. By joining in on this cause you help out children in need and what’s more – it’s loads of fun too! It’s fun because you get to choose age appropriate gifts for the child you choose from the pledging section of the charities website and you get to decorate the box that will hold the contents.  It’s creative and you can get your older children in on the act too.

If I happen not to have made things clear, The Santa Shoebox Project is a charity that helps to make underprivileged children’s Christmas a little happier by getting hundreds upon thousands of people from South Africa and all over the world to donate boxes that contain a host of gifts and essentials inside them.

According to the charity’s website, it started out in 2006, with a humble 180 boxes that were pledged. In ten years though it has grown tremendously with the number of Santa Shoeboxes donated reaching a total of 551, 979. The boxes are distributed to poor children around South Africa and Namibia.

Some quick facts about the Santa Shoebox Project:

  • You can donate gifts to children whose names, ages and genders are known.
  • If you live overseas you can pledge a virtual shoebox for R350.
  • Depending on the contents of the box your Santa Shoebox can cost anything from R250 upwards.
  • A medium size box, 20 x 34 x 11cm, is recommended. It’s the size of an adult running shoe. Don’t get a box any bigger than this as it impacts on the way in which they are packed and delivered.
  • Boxes and lids must be covered separately so that the box can be checked for its contents.
  • The contents of the box are not the only things treasured. The box itself is often used by the children to store their toys, other valuables or simply to play with. So put some thought into how you decorate your box.
  • You can also donate an “extra shoebox”. It’s a “no-name” Shoebox where the donor chooses a child by age and gender. These Shoeboxes play a very important role in the success of our Project by making up for “no show” boxes.

How to pack your Santa Shoebox

The box must contain the following eight items:

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Facecloth
  4. Soap
  5. Sweeties
  6. A toy
  7. Educational supplies
  8. An outfit of clothing

If you do pack any liquids make sure they are put in a Ziplock bag so that should they fall out they do not spoil the rest of the contents in the box.

What not to pack:

  • NO perishables or food
  • NO toys of a violent nature
  • NO dangerous or fragile objects
  • NO medicines or vitamins

If you are still not sure how to pack a Santa Shoebox, why not ask Suzelle DIY?

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