Dad creates stunning Disney mural for daughter’s room

A father has created a dream room for his daughter, Bobbie (3), after painting a magical mural with all her favourite Disney characters on it. If you’re thinking of copying it then make sure you’re a pro as Adam Hargreaves is also an artist and now runs Bespoke Art, which specialises in murals.

Hargreaves took three months to paint the Disney mural, which included characters from ‘The Lion King’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Lady and the Tramp’ to name a few.

Needless to say his work of art left his daughter speechless but thankful. See the video here on how he created the masterpiece. It also gives the background story as to why he painted this creation for his daughter to begin with. He initially put a video up of the creation on Facebook, which went viral and according to some reports has already been seen 11 million times!

I wonder how he and his wife managed to keep this secret from the daughter. I’m not sure I’d manage to keep this type of a secret from my son or in fact keep him out of the room!

So well done to Hargreaves for doing such an amazing piece of art and keeping it a secret from a three year old. Clearly this dad has many talents! I hope he gets to do many more murals that will keep all the kids out there smiling and content.

Hargreaves took three months to paint a Disney mural for his daughter. You may not be an artist, but with a little bit of ingenuity you could turn your child’s room into a wonderland too.

Mural painted by Adam Hargreaves. Source: Bespoke Art’s Facebook page

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