A fun day out for almost all of the family… 

I keep looking out for kid-friendly venues that I haven’t been to before. So I was pleased when I found out that Snoekies in Hout Bay has an enormous kids play area. The restaurant specialises in seafood and hubby and I had a hankering for calamari and chips, so this seemed ideal.

But while the venue ended up being a perfect place for our 3 year old, it posed several challenges for our 10 month old baby. My advice for families that have babies? Consider going elsewhere – at least until Snoekies becomes more baby friendly.

Let me explain why. For starters don’t bother unpacking the pram – you’re just wasting your time because there’s two flights of steep stairs to navigate and there’s no lift or ramp. Don’t bother bringing a portable baby seat -the one’s you hook to a table – because the tables are not designed to accommodate them.

In fact, don’t bother bringing the baby unless you plan to let them eat by sitting on your lap because the restaurant, unbelievably, despite all its kid friendly equipment,  toys and sectioned kids play area doesn’t have any baby high chairs.

Yep, family friendly but no high chairs. They just didn’t seem to have thought about it, because when I asked the waiter for one he looked at me like I was asking for the square root of 37.

We weren’t the only parents who had brought babies and we were all subjected to trying to eat our food and feed and hold a baby on our laps. Fellow parents will know how hard this task can be because when babies get restless or bored they can start making your life rather uncomfortable by wriggling like a bag full of eels. Hardly a fun way to eat your lunch.

Our eldest had a good time though and it’s got to be said that when it comes to catering to older kids this place has got it nailed.

There are supervisors in the play area making sure the kids are controlled and don’t get into trouble.  There were only two ladies on duty but they were adept at keeping the place tidy and attending to the children.

There was a host of things for Hayden to do.

There’s a padded jungle gym,  a large dolls house, a pirate ship sand pit area, ample toys, a ball pit, a soft play area and loads more.

If you love sea food and have older children then this is a place to visit.  I’m sure that once they make it more baby friendly they’d have more fans.

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