Having a Stress Free Newborn Photo Session

Photo by Megan Menegay on Unsplash

The birth of your baby is exciting and life-changing. Wanting to capture this moment and the smallest your baby will ever be again is natural and amazing. Scheduling a photo shoot during a time with limited sleep and after giving birth can also cause stress. You want pictures that turn out well enough to blow up and put on your wall, but you don’t know how to make sure that happens. Here are several tips to help you have the best photoshoot ever. 

Don’t Forget Yourself

It may be counterintuitive to focus on yourself for a newborn photo shoot, but if you are going to be in the pictures, then you need to think about yourself as well. Make sure you pick out comfortable clothes that you can feel comfortable in after giving birth. 

You also want to figure out where you are going to take the pictures and that you have recovered enough from giving birth to be comfortable in that location. If you wear glasses, you may want to update them. You can visit this website to virtually try on several pairs from the comfort of your own home. 


You should take into consideration how easily newborns get cold. Naked babies make for cute pictures, but if you want to go that route, you need to make sure that the baby is warm enough. Turn up the heat in your house to 80 fahrenheit the day of the shoot or use space heaters to keep the area warm. A warm baby is a happy baby! If you are doing naked baby pictures, then loosen the diaper a few hours before the shoot to eliminate diaper lines. 

Feeding Time

Newborns need to eat and take breaks frequently when doing a photo shoot. Don’t stress about this. Be prepared to snuggle your baby during quick breaks and give them a little meal if they are fussy. Feeding and snuggling can also be a great way to capture some more moments between you and your baby. 

Extra Supplies

Babies are messy, and there can always be accidents. Be it a blowout or spit up, you want to make sure you have extra outfits prepared, just in case. You should also have plenty of wipes, extra diapers, trash bags, and blankets nearby for easy cleanup. You don’t have to feel frustrated or embarrassed when accidents happen. Your photographer understands and has seen it all!


You should plan to have some props in your photos. Props can make your pictures unique. Wedding rings, knitted hats, fuzzy blankets, toys, family heirlooms, or stuffed animals are all great ideas to add into your pictures. If you want to use props, let your photographer know beforehand so they can plan to use them. 

Venturing Out

If you don’t want to do the photo shoot in your home, it is possible to go to a studio or do one outdoors. Outdoor pictures can be a great opportunity to capture your newborn, but you need to make sure it is warm enough. If you do venture out of your home for these pictures, make sure you bring plenty of backup clothes and things to clean up with from your house.

The top six mistakes to avoid when saving for education

Wow – another festive period is over, and the children are going back to school this week in South Africa. Here in the UK where we relocated, schools already started, so you have a bit of catching up to do in terms of getting into a rhythm with school hours. But it’s nice to see all the smiley, familiar faces returning to school!

As parents, we all want the best for our children, and this often includes being able to give them the best education that we can afford.

Below I thrash out some of the common mistakes that parents make when saving for education, with some sage advice from Allan Gray, Sanlam and Old Mutual.

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My Jet2 holiday trip to Ibiza and the Cala Verde hotel with two active boys

A recent anonymous social media post from a mom relayed how she was lacking in confidence when it came to holidaying with her young children. She was worried because things had changed. When her second child came along she said holidays have become more stressful and challenging.

I really get it. Travelling with two children (and even one) can be stressful. But for some reason I got a bee in my bonnet about booking a trip for the boys and I to Ibiza. As the holiday drew nearer, I admit I was getting a bit worried.

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Get a free book that’s designed to teach your child about investing and saving

Children are generally more interested in spending their money thank tucking it away for a rainy day. It’s been a tough battle to get my eldest to save even though he’s got a bank account.

Here in the UK the children are spoilt for choice when it comes to kid’s accounts. There are more options than there are in South Africa and the apps here for accounts such as GoHenry allow you to monitor their spending and earnings with your own parent access while the child gets their own version.

Teaching them to save for major events such as Christmas isn’t an easy thing to do. Once they see that little pot grow, they realise that if it hits a certain amount then there is a plethora of toys that they can buy.

What’s worse, websites like Amazon and Takealot in South Africa make accessibility to toys and games even easier. Kids soon realise they can get instant gratification within a matter of days. It’s just too easy to buy stuff in stores and online. You don’t even need to get out of the house!

So, I was very pleased to see that one investment house, Foord Asset Management, have made an effort to educate children about the advantages of saving. They’ve published a beautifully illustrated book, More Than Enough, which tells the story of a little squirrel who is collecting acorns with her mom. The little squirrel’s mom gives her offspring lessons about gathering enough for the future and unpacks the basics about investing. The book is available to parents for free.

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What’s that old man doing in the park reading a book near my children?

This was a question raised by a concerned mom on a social media platform. To put it further into context, the woman who posted her concerns said: “Lone gentleman in the playground reading a book on a bench. Feel awful to think negatively but a bit odd don’t you think?”

It made me stop and think twice and I was of course intrigued to scroll down and read through the over 74 responses (and counting) made to the question posed about two hours before I wrote this up on my blog.

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Two day budget beach holiday in Eastbourne with my six-year-old

As family holidays go you can’t beat a getaway to the beach. Sand, sea and surf is all you need and it’s enough to keep even the most active of kids happy. So now that we’re in the long summer break in the UK I thought it would be nice to catch a family break in the sun.

Unbelievably it’s been extremely hot here in the UK, with the second hottest day on record ever recorded yesterday. I don’t really remember a time when the weather has been so charming. I lived in London for nearly ten years between 2000 and 2009 and I don’t remember summers being this generous and winters being this mild.

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What fashion style will baby Sussex wear?

Since I’ve returned to England with my family from Cape Town, South Africa, there’s been much talk about Brexit and the upcoming birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As this is hardly a political blog I’d be much more inclined to talk about the new royal baby.

As ever there’s speculation about the baby’s sex, due date (rumoured to be end of April or early May because of an apparent slip by Meghan herself) and of course what he or she could be wearing.

Here to talk to us about royal baby fashion and trends is Erica Williams, Zulily senior buyer of infant apparel:

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Getting to the England from South Africa with our family – what we learnt

We made our decision to move from Cape Town back to England (specifically Sevenoaks in Kent) last year but the execution of it all only started in the middle of 2018 when things started lining up for my husband and I (work and visa wise).

There are so many things to consider and prepare for. But here’s what we learnt:

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